The Maxi-Matic EPM-450 tabletop 4 oz popcorn machine is a well-made and conveniently sized unit. It can fit practically anywhere and stores easily. This 4 oz popcorn machine is the perfect size to accommodate your family’s needs. You can easily enjoy popcorn without all the fuss that comes with larger machines. This is perfect for people who love fresh popcorn but do not have a lot of space to devote to a large popcorn maker.

This unit makes carnival-style popcorn that is sure to be a favourite among people of all ages. It provides the taste of movie theatre popcorn from the comfort of your own home. You will love using this machine for parties, movie nights, and even everyday snacks. The Maxi-Matic EPM-450 tabletop 4 oz popcorn machine is built to have a retro-style feel, you will love the look of this machine!

It is exceptionally well built and is made with stainless steel for added durability. This popcorn maker will not break down after only a few uses, it is made to last. It comes with a built-in stirring mechanism for even distribution. Every popcorn kernel will be cooked to perfection. You do not need any experience to be able to operate this popcorn maker.

The popcorn machine has a warming light to keep your popcorn fresh and hot for hours. For added convenience, it also comes with two on/off switches for both the kettle and warming light. These are just a couple of the unique features it has to offer.

This machine is equipped with a plexi-glass door and windows so you will not have to worry about the popcorn maker breaking. Unlike glass popcorn machines you will not have any safety concerns with this unit. Another advanced feature is the pull-out kernel crumb tray. It removes extra, unused kernels without any mess or hassle. This unit includes a scoop, measuring cup and spoon. You will have everything you need to start using your popcorn maker.

The Maxi-Matic EPM-450 tabletop 4 oz popcorn machine can fit virtually anywhere, from countertops to side tables. It also comes with a one-year warranty for additional peace of mind. You will be impressed by the wide variety of features that come with such a compact and efficient unit. If you love popcorn you owe it to yourself to try this Maxi-Matic tabletop popcorn popper machine.

Product Features and Specifications:

This popcorn machine makes 1.5 gallons of popcorn in 5-10 minutes. To make 1.5 gallons you would use 1/2 cup of kernels and 1 tablespoon of oil.
The popcorn maker comes with a detachable 4 oz. kettle, salt shaker, popcorn scoop, spoon and measuring cup that are all made of stainless steel.
The unit has a kernel crumb tray and bottom warming tray.
The side panels are made of safety tempered glass.
The product is 600 Watts and has 2 switches: for power ON and warmer light.
The product dimensions are 17.3 by 23.6 by 20 inches.
The item weight is 31.2 pounds.
The popcorn maker has a limited 1-year warranty.


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