These beautiful candy apple red Great Northern Popcorn popper ( 8 oz popcorn machine ) are perfect additions to any home. Big enough to pop plenty of popcorn for you and your family and any guests you may have over, it is also small enough to comfortably fit on any counter, or table or wherever is most convenient in your home theatre.

This particular 8 oz popcorn machine is a deluxe model with a three position control switch and 860 watts. The switches control the spot light warmer, the stirrer and the pot heater.

The spot light warmer, combined with the warming deck ensure that no matter how long you leave your popcorn in the Great Northern Popcorn popper, it will stay as warm as if it were cooked fresh.

An added feature of this machine that differentiates it from the competition is its reject kernel tray. This tray ensures that when you scoop out your popcorn, you won’t find kernels in the bottom of your bag or bowl. It is also removable and therefore very easy to clean and dump out after each batch of popcorn.

The assembly required is minimal and very simple and the manufacturer provides you with a five year limited warranty on the machine and 30 days warranty on the consumable parts including but not limited to doors, kettles, glass, blades, hinges and/or light bulbs as applicable.

The remaining features include an all metal gearbox for greater durability and stability, tempered glass walls, a large eight ounce kettle and an old maid drawer.

The old fashioned feel of the Great Northern Popcorn popper add to its appeal and you will undoubtedly be happy with the high quality of the popcorn.

Product Features and Specifications:

This model has 3 control switches. The switches are for the spot light warmer, stirrer and the pot heater.
This is a 860 watts machine (commercial quality and certified). It works on standard 110 volt.
The popcorn popper is made of heavy-duty powder coated steel and stainless steel.
The machine’s 8 ounce kettle is stainless steel making it easy to clean. It has a warming deck to keep your popcorn warm and fresh and an old-maid drawer for the unpopped kernels.
The popcorn machine comes with 3 plastic serving cups, 50 popcorn serving bags, measuring cups and a popcorn scoop.
The unit has tempered glass doors that are scratch resistant and less prone to warping.
The popcorn popper makes about 3 gallons of popcorn per batch.
Minor assembly is required.
This machine does not come with a cart.
The product dimensions are 17.5 by 20.5 by 25.8 inches.
The item weight is 37 pounds.
The machine has a 5 year limited warranty.


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